Holy hiatus

I’m sure nobody noticed because nobody is actually following this blog, which is fine. That being said, I just looked up my last commit, which was Oct 31th, 2016 – 671 days ago! During this time I have been busy with full-time employment, taking classes in ML and AI, playing around with deep learning, volunteering for a fantastic AI conference, running the books and making a presentation for an amazing non-profit and otherwise life.

In the back of my mind, however, there has always been Mortal Wayfare. I’ve fantasized about finding time to do everything from creating the wizard class (there are already fighters, clerics and rogues) to using reinforcement learning to ‘teach’ the enemies and NPCs policies for optimal decision-making. So why this post now?

Yesterday, in a burst of get-it-done-idness, I fixed the MW email and upgraded the phpBB to v3.2.2. It still needs some tweaks, but I’m now going to try to figure out a system to deflect the relentless spammers, who, for the moment, are the only visitors to this site. Then I’m going to download the repo and try to figure out a plan to, painful inch by inch, move this project forward until, one day, it’s the most amazing retro 2D Android turn-based RPG on planet Earth. If not, I hope to at least have something that is playable. That sounds like a lot, but actually, I don’t think I’m too far off.

Wish me luck, nobody.

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