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I have had problems with spammers in the past. It is so annoying to be constantly inundated with robotic registrations requests. I guess the good news is that they are not in the site posting links for male enhancements.

In any event, as no one ever noticed, this website used to have a phpBB forum. It was a bit clunky and didn’t quite look like the blog, but it worked and had tons of functionality. Recently, however, I decided to migrate to bbPress. (The migration tool wasn’t great and I had to install a plug-in to customize the colors, because I didn’t feel like hassling with CSS, but I got everything over and it’s operational.) The reason was because my hosting provider only allows two DBs for my account level and I wanted one of them for something else. I didn’t know if bbPress would just use the same DB as WordPress, but turns out that it does. Win!

Anyway, for the past few years I’ve been wondering why the phpBB registration has been constantly hammered by spammers while the blog registration has not. I finally figured it out; my blog doesn’t have a registration!

I thought about opening the registration, but after doing a bunch of research on anti-spam plug-ins and moderation tools, I decided that invitation only is the best. Perhaps one day this blog will be large enough that I’ll want to invest in all that, but for the time being, anyone who wants in will just need to contact me and request an invitation. For what it’s worth I’m only giving invitations to people I know. Sometimes tiny communities are best.

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